Tin Pei Ling Views on housing!

First and foremost kudos on her speaking out on such a divisive issue; housing . The issue of housing , has been a long causes of concern for singaporeans , as the prices have risen tremendously and due to this rise , any attempt to resolved this current issue have to be address carefully without severely affecting current house owners. Especially those with private mortgages from banks

Yet i cant help but notice the lack of depth at her views and the repeat of the usual “reply” in such a sensitive nation issue.

Excerpts taken from  http://www.straitstimes.com/GeneralElection/News/Story/STIStory_673317.html

“Should there be a ceiling? I think there should still be one, so that only those who need public housing will benefit. This is the true spirit of HDB.”
So girl what is your plan in regards to public housing benefiting the public? do you mean slogging for your working life for a small flat for a “subsidies housing” that is more expensive then a condo in Malaysia? how does it benefits Singaporean if it is an added burden to them? .  What about the sandwich class that earns more than 8k? they are a driving force in the economy yet with the high cost of living etc , there a sizable number of them unable to afford private housing without breaking first the bank. and the few options they have for public housing is the resales HBD competing with PRs in the expensive resale market or High-priced Executive Condos.

How should we set this ceiling? Right now, we use total gross income of all persons listed in the Application Form. But other measures are possible too, e.g. disposable income. Although this raises a separate discussion – what kinds of expenditure is “must spend”, and what is “would like to be able to spend”. All these affect the remaining disposable income. Essentially, the measures need to best represent the ability of Singaporeans to afford public housing.?

Dont these answers look familiar?  But still it is a decent answer , yet i cant help but notice how vague these answers suggestions are? What do you really think should be done to calculate this capped amount? Like personally i would use a similar method to how the taxable income is calculated Gross Income – Dependents(kids , parents etc) = Income eligible for housing. Which make perfect sense, as the more kids you have higher the expenditure. irregardless of your income and why should Singaporean be penalize for being filial? So Miss Tin i would like to know your concrete answer and recommendation and not suggestion picked from the air

How much should this ceiling be? Perhaps, we could we peg it to the 90th percentile of combined household incomes, since the home ownership rate of resident households is about 90%. But this might include a group of those who currently would have chosen private property anyway. However, if Singaporeans’ incomes continue to rise, then the distribution of combined household incomes will be expected to shift as well. In this case, a regular and cyclical review of the income ceiling should be conducted.

So what is your point? are we to use your suggestion at 90% percentile or not?. I would like to know your stand.

So Miss Tin i hope you do know that your job as a Member of Parliament is to fight for the rights of your electorate , clarify your stand and giving alternatives answer when the house call for a debate. They do not include plucking vague and un-concrete response. Answers like “since the home ownership rate of resident households is about 90%. But this might include a group of those who currently would have chosen private property anyway” just would not do. I believe Singaporean would like to hear your actual view on how things should be done , So perhaps it is time to step up your game.




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