The growth of new vehicles in Singapore will be gradually reduced from the current 1.5 per cent to 0.5 per cent by August 2012.

Outlining the gradual change, the Land Transport Authority said on Friday that the current 1.5 per cent rate will be maintained from next February until July 2012 and will be lowered to 0.5 per cent in August.

With this change, the net growth rate for next year will work out to be 1 per cent.

In a Facebook note posted on Friday morning, Transport MinisterLui Tuck Yew addressed concerns that reducing the vehicle growth rate would lead to Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices rising steeply.

He said the graduated changes and an expected increase in the de-registration of vehicles is expected to bring about “relatively stable quota numbers over the next one year or so”.

“And if the de-registration trends remain generally stable, then it is likely that we should see higher quota numbers from 2013 onwards,” he added.

Responding to suggestions to build more roads as well as ideas on tweaking the COE system, say by restricting the number of cars per household, Lui said the ministry will  “certainly build more roads” but there is “a limit to what we can do given the many competing demands for land”.

As every family has different needs, it would be difficult to determine the number of cars a family deserves, he added.

“We really have to strike a balance, ensuring that we rely on both our COE and ERP (electronic road pricing) policies to better manage road congestion, and from time to time, make small changes to these policies,” he wrote.

In a separate release, the transport minister set out on Friday his ministry’s five-year goals in an addendum to the President’s Address.

For car owners, the ministry will fine-tune the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system so that it will be “more effective and targeted”. Lui said in the addendum, “There is scope to fine-tune ERP application where trips are predominantly home-bound and some congestion is tolerable.”

The authority is also contemplating implementing a next-generation ERP system that increases the scope for real-time intelligent traffic management systems to improve the driving experience.

Lui pledged, “We will develop a five-year action plan to improve bus capacity, service and connectivity.” This includes upgrading major bus stops, implementing more bus priority measures and building more integrated transport hubs.

Steps will also be taken to enhance the commuter’s experience and more MRT stations will have barrier-free routes. In five years, 80 per cent of bus services will be wheel-chair accessible, instead of about 30 per cent currently.

Lui added that the government will also review the public transport fare adjustment formula to ensure fares remain affordable for commuters and sustainable for the public transport industry.

In the longer term, the government will continue to invest heavily to expand the rail network. Beyond the $20 billion invested in existing rail lines and $60 billion for new rail lines, it is also finalising plans for additional lines and extension beyond 2010 to improve the network and serve new areas.

The Transport Ministry aims to project public transport as an “attractive and viable alternative” to cars, and by 2020 have seven out of every 10 morning journeys travelled by bus or train.

I wonder with the raising of influx of people and recent inefficiency of public transport , What does the ministry expect the people to do? Squeeze to the already packed public transport system?


Irene Ng

As you all know from my last post  , Irene Ng was been drawn into a war of worlds with netizen , leaving her exposed to further flakes from netizens and certain segment of public.

However i would like to point out certain flaws in her argument. Firstly UK MPs are generally Full-time , last i heard she was a full-time writer in residence. So where is her passion to serve?.
Unless her passion is for her dual salary , yet perhaps not giving as much commitment as a UK MP? no wonder she need to be more “hardworking”

Next she compare the allowance given , but she fail to mention the higher cost of living in the uk. So i wonder is her education at London School Of Economics in vain?

What about the Number of people she serve in her constituency VS the number a average UK MP serve. The scrutiny they faced by the horrendous british tabloid . To be frank does she really have the mandate of the people she serve? if she does i politely invite her to request and run as a single-ward MP and not part of an GRC

Perhaps i have been in the states for too long , but please enlighten me on the average salary of a senior manager again?


But oh well let wait for the usually People Action Party , damage control to set in and explain this for her with their usual SOP(my opinion).
Sorry this is taken it out of context
Then delete it
Finally blame on some assistant or friend

Wong “can” Sing?


If you have not realized by now , Our dear former Deputy Prime Minister who is famous for side-stepping the Mas Selamat question . Is now appointed  ” as a Special Advisor for Economic Co-operation to the Prime Minister.” I wonder in what capacity is he capable of being a special advisor? Its is obvious he lack certain speciality in economical issue. Or perhaps his time as minister in foreign affairs 20 years ago has some ties?

In the same news he will take over as chairman of Sinbridge , another Government related investment . Which deals with mega development and town planning. I wonder what will happen if they accidentally via honest mistake misplan the township?


If your still wondering , i am not anti-establishment in fact this blog is peppered with follies of the opposition. But rather where is the merit of such an appointment?

SINGAPORE: Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim has clarified the citizenship status of his children following the release by WikiLeaks of a cable reportedly listing the biographies of Malay-Muslim MPs in Singapore.

The report, which stated that Dr Yaacob’s two children are American citizens, has attracted a flurry of comments online.

In a statement through his press secretary, Dr Yaacob said the status of his wife as an American citizen by birth confers dual citizenship to their two children until the age of 18.

His son and daughter are Singapore citizens and attend national schools.

The statement said that Dr Yaacob’s son, now 16, will serve National Service, just as he did.

It added that Dr Yaacob’s family regrets that there are some who consider innocent children to be fair game in political attacks, but trusts that most Singaporeans will continue to cherish the value of respecting a family’s privacy.

Dr Yaacob is also Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.

– CNA/cc

The minister of information has issue controlling information?